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Beaumont City Council approves electric scooter proposal for downtown use

Mayor Robin Mouton said it's a win-win opportunity for everyone.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Soon you'll be able to zoom through downtown Beaumont.

The Beaumont City Council approved the proposal from Bird Electric scooters on Tuesday. 

Bird Electric Scooters is a publicly-traded company based in Santa Monica, California and is famous in larger urban cities. Officials said there's a market for it in Beaumont too.

They’ll be installed in the next two months. The scooters will then stay for a one-year pilot program to see how things go.

They will come at no cost to the city. According to the company, Beaumont gets a nickel for every ride.

The city plans to release safety information for both riders and drivers soon.

Mayor Robin Mouton said it's a win-win opportunity for everyone

"They have hired a company that will go out and retrieve the units and put them back in the proper places; we have no maintenance, it's nothing on the city,” Mouton said.

The company said they will pick up the scooters and do maintenance if they are causing clutter. They will offer safety instructions as well. 

The scooters can be booked through an app on your phone. The first minute is $1 followed by different rates after that.

The average cost for the user is usually around $6 or $7 per ride.

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