A Beaumont mother runs for her life tightly holding on to her two children after an intense blaze engulfs the apartment complex where she was living.

As we first reported Saturday, several units at Glen Oaks Apartments on Dowlen Road caught fire, that's where Jessica Kurtz forced to flee with her one and three-year-old clinging on to her.

The mother tells us that it was the smell of smoke what first alarmed her, fire then fell from the roof so she ran out the doors to save their lives.

"You have to get what's important and just get out," Kurtz says.

And to her, her two babies are her life.

"I saw a drop of fire fall and the police officer told me to quickly come out," Kurtz says.

Several apartment homes above her were in flames, from what police say started from a child playing with a lighter.

"It was really scary, I made sure I grabbed the babies and ran," Krutz says.

Her 3-year-old son Grayson could now have scars to remember, marks of first and second-degree burns are left on his arms, face, and chest.

"I was running with them and not thinking about anything but getting out," Kurtz says.

Dozens of people at the Glen Oaks complex are now left displaced, thankfully everyone made it out safely.

"I was out here when the mom ran out," says Joshua Desouza, who lives in a neighboring apartment.

"It's crazy how a fire can be so deadly," he says.

Burnt ashes and debris are left behind on the complex grounds, and Kurtz says she will forever have the memory of survival while running out for her life.

"I was just so scared," she says.

"I'm just glad nobody got hurt, and everyone is safe," Desouza explains.

Kurtz says she's grateful for the first responders and says it could have been a different outcome if she would have stayed inside her home a minute longer.