BEAUMONT, Texas — A Beaumont company that had its property seized last week due to back taxes has paid its debt to the county.

The Jefferson County tax collector announced in a news release Thursday morning that Signature Industrial Services had paid $531,507.76 in taxes.

Getz described last week’s property seizure as the largest in the history of the county.

The company received a seizure notice ahead of time, and asked for a payment agreement but paid for a couple months before defaulting on the agreement Getz previously told 12News.

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The company had been set to sell its company at auction on August 6, so the tax warrant had to be served last Wednesday.

A previous tax warrant gave the company an official warning that its taxes must be paid or its property would be seized.

RELATED: Tax office seizes equipment from Beaumont contractor with over $500,000 in unpaid taxes

From a news release by Jefferson County Tax Assessor/Collector Allison Getz…

The largest seizure of business personal property in Jefferson County history was satisfied by a payment of $531,507.76 for Signature Industrial Services this morning.

A tax warrant was filed, in conjunction with Constable Precinct 4 Bryan Werner, Chief Deputy Alan Roberts and the Linebarger law firm, on August 1, 2019. The seizure of assets occurred the following afternoon, Friday, August 2. 

Less than one-week later, Jefferson County received payment in full for back taxes, penalties, interest, fees and associated costs.

I appreciate the public placing their trust in me and I will continue to be diligent in my duties that provide funds to educate our children, provide EMS, police and fire protection, enable our cities to function effectively, and for the largest strategic military port in the Nation, which are just a portion of the 28 jurisdictions we serve.

Over 98% of Jefferson County residents and businesses pay their taxes. 

I am willing to assist anyone who is delinquent but ultimately the obligation exists and must be met. Jefferson County businesses and individuals should be aware that delinquent taxes must be paid in order to prevent tax warrants or seizures to be enforced.

For questions, taxpayers may call the County Tax Office at 835-8516.