BEAUMONT, Texas — With less than 24 hours until Valentine's Day, Beaumont Animal Care is looking to ensure that no one spends the holiday alone. From February 13-16, they are hosting a Valentine's Day themed adoption special for aspiring owners.

Their hope is that this event could reduce the amount of animals in the facility. Those looking to adopt are able to do so for 20 dollars, and all animals are spayed or neutered and microchipped. The facility will also make sure all pets are properly vaccinated before being released into your care. 

"Since becoming a non-kill shelter, we are pretty much always at capacity," veterinarian technician Rachel Barron said. "We are always needing doctors, fosters and volunteers. We're hoping at the rate of 20 dollars, for this adoption event, it will increase adoptions, and get some of these babies out of here."

Not only can the animals help fill a void during the holiday season, they also can help by boosting owner's sense of purpose according to Amber Wood, Director of Crisis Services at the Spindletop Center.

"They can have a sense of purpose and meaning, and you know, ultimately, that is essentially what humans strive for is a sense of meaning and purpose," Wood said.

The Valentine's Day event was a success at a shelter in Austin, and officials are hopeful for the same in Beaumont.