BEAUMONT — Beaumont Animal Care, located at 1884 Pine Street in Beaumont, participated in the "Clear the Shelter" nationwide pet adoption initiative Saturday. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m, cats and dogs alike could be adopted, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for only $20.

Matthew Fortenberry has been with Beaumont Animal Care for almost 25 years. This is the shelters first time to participate in the event, designed to match animal lovers with their perfect pet. The goal is to see how many animals can be adopted in just one day.

Normally, dogs cost about 130 dollars to adopt, and cats cost around 100 dollars. Most of the animals in the shelter are strays, some are turned in by citizens, and some are surrendered by owners who can't take proper care of them.

They try to find the animals a home no matter how long it takes. Some are considered long-term stays. The shelter works with rescue groups to send the animals that aren't adopted to places across the country to give them a better chance.

Fortenberry says the shelter was surprised with the turnout Saturday. They weren't sure how many to expect since this was their first year to participate. For most of the afternoon, they had lines out the door. Fortenberry says it's worth it to get that special animal.

"Today it feels especially good because we're getting out a large number that would normally take a while to do, so the more we can get out the more lives it's going to save because it allows more room in the shelter to hold more animals," said Fortenberry.

Paula Rodriguez went to the shelter with her cousin Jasmin Boon to pick out some new pets. She said they new as soon as they saw them they had to take them home.

Rodriguez says its a special thing to be able to give a pet a second chance.

"I think it's the best way to do it, these pets need a home they want a home and if you're willing to open your home it's the best experience for the both of you," said Rodriguez.

For more information on their pets, head over to their website.

33 pets were adopted at Port Arthur Animal Care during their event. Beaumont had 62 Total adoptions, 38 dogs and 24 cats.