It all started on December 26, 2013 when Rachel Melancon went into labor at the Medical Center of Southeast Texas.

Three days later Melancon delivered a beautiful baby girl named Olivia, but, what was supposed to be a joyous event - turned very tragic.

Delivery doctor Dr. George Backardjieve used forceps that crushed the baby's skull and injured her spine.

Olivia was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, where she died five days later on January 2, 2014.

"We had plans. We definitely had plans. We wanted a little girl. We got a little girl," said Melancon.

The family of three, now a family of two, their lives in ruins, brought Olivia back to Nederland for a funeral.

At the cemetery pink balloons lifted up to the heavens.

The heartbroken family wanting answers and wanting justice held a silent protest in front of the doctor's Port Neches office.

They took to social media hoping to pass "Olivia's Law," a law that would ban the use of forceps in any future delivery.

Olivia's death gained world wide attention and support from London to Canada, and all over the United States.

Congressmen even tweeted about Olivia's death.

Her parents filed a lawsuit against the doctor and the Medical Center of Southeast Texas but the void of losing a child was just too much to bare.

It gets darker as months later the family of two became just a family of one when Olivia's father, Allen Coats took his own life.

His family says his daughter's death was just too much for him to handle.

Melancon didn't give up and went to court and today justice was served.

She will never get her family back but she can now start picking up the pieces of her shattered dreams.

Today the Medical Center of Southeast Texas released a statement....

"While we are very sympathetic for the mother's loss and apparently, the jury was swayed by sympathy as well, we strongly support our nurses and the excellent care they deliver.We disagree with the verdict for a number of legal and factual reasons and will pursue post verdict relief and appeal."

12News has reached out to Dr. George Backardjieve but has not heard back from him or his attorney.