GROVES — Groves Councilman, Cross Coburn, 19, is being ridiculed after nude photos were anonymously sent to city officials earlier this year.

The photos, which Coburn sent privately on the online dating app 'Grindr,' were sent along with messages he had exchanged with an anonymous user.

Attorney Jill Pierce says she believes the photos were sent by someone in city government. There was no return address and a cover letter was included on the envelopes sent to the city of Groves in February.

Pierce says that the photos being sent to local media shows there was intent to smear Councilman Coburn's reputation.

"Here we have 15 days later, those photos are getting leaked to all the local media. It seemed very organized," said Pierce.

A petition was started earlier this month by Groves resident William Howlett. More than 600 of the 953 signatures needed to trigger a recall election have been collected. He has until May 25th to reach the number of signatures needed.

Coburn would have five days to resign from city council if the recall petition is successful.