The Astros Caravan arrived in the golden triangle Wednesday afternoon. It’s part of a promotion by the Major League team for fans to meet the World Series Champions. But before all the autographs were signed and selfies were taken, the Astros wanted to surprise lifelong fans Kenneth and Shenita Keyes.

“Hey its awesome World Series champs who could ask for anything else,” asked Kenneth Keyes, who has lived in Port Arthur his entire life

Tony Kemp, Tyler White and broadcaster Geoff Blum teamed up with the Lamar Baseball team to help paint the Keyes house after it, like so many others, was damaged by Harvey.

“Those guys are doing it at the biggest stage, and they are the best,” said Senior Pitcher, Ryan Johnson. “And they are right down the road. All the local kids, we love the Astros, so it means a lot for them to come out and help people like this.”

For Astros outfielder, Tony Kemp, he understands the impact the Astros have had on a community demolished by a storm.

“It’s something special that I can actually come out here, and be a part of such a special community and give some love to some people that really were affected,” said Kemp who was a part of the Astros run to the playoffs in 2017. “So it’s important to get out and see the people that it did affect.”

For Infielder Tyler White, who played his college baseball at Western Carolina University, he knows the difference that Lamar Baseball can make in the area.

“Coming out and doing these types of things, it’s great for the city, it’s great for the university,” said White. “It’s really meaningful for everyone to see them out here doing that and seeing them do community service.”

For the Keyes’, they are just glad to see the continued support.

“It’s good to know that people are still helping out,” said Kenneth. “A lot of people think that the storm has passed but they don’t know what we deal with on a daily basis.”

Hopefully the teams provided a little relief, not from the bullpen.