BEAUMONT, Texas — Almost 300 citizenship review letters addressed to Jefferson County voters asking to verify eligibility have been placed on hold. 

Jefferson County Tax Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar Allison Nathan Getz told 12News her office was notified by the Texas Attorney General's office on Friday, Feb. 8 that there is a concern about sending the letters at this time.

Getz said the letters have not been sent out and are still in her office, but are ready to send once the Attorney General's office contacts them.  

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Last Monday, Getz said 285 Citizenship Review Letters would be sent to Jefferson County residents who are registered to vote without proof on file of their eligibility. None of the people on that list had a DPS code indicating DPS had verified their citizenship, she said. 

Nearly 144,000 people are registered to vote in the county. 

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The letters would ask those voters to prove their citizenship within 30 days or the office would remove their names from the voter list, Getz told 12News in a telephone interview. 

Some of the 285 people may have voted in the last election, Getz said.