Alarming auto burglary statistics coming from the Southeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force show that Auto Burglaries are on the rise in Beaumont.

"We all know the crime goes up in the holidays and have to be super observant," says Carolyn Kimbly, a shopper at Gateway shopping center in Beaumont.

Getting her stuff stolen during the holiday season is something to worry about.

"When I go to a parking lot I make sure that my keys are in my hand, and I never leave out any package or my purse," Kimbly explains.

I'll go into detail on the alarming numbers of auto burglaries reported in the first half of the year in Beaumont, Texas alone.

— Juan Rodríguez (@_JuanRodriguez_) November 14, 2017

This trend in auto burglaries has had an increase in numbers

"It's not a normal amount of auto burglaries," says Sergeant Ken Karr, with the Southeast Texas Auto Task Force.

Between January 1st and the end of July, Beaumont police have received almost 600 reports of auto burglaries, that's only for the first half of the year.

353 of those involved unlocked cars, and 238 vehicles were broken into, all with items left in plain view.

Beaumont has had 591 reported auto burglaries

353 where unlocked vehicles

238 where smashed / forced entry with plain view items.

74 stolen guns

SETX Auto Theft Task Force says this is a high alarming numbers.

— Juan Rodríguez (@_JuanRodriguez_) November 14, 2017

That first half of the year, 74 guns were also reported stolen.

"We've had instances where there have been at least 20 burglaries in one street," Sergeant Karr explains.

"That's why you have to lock your car, take your keys, and hide your stuff," he says.

One of the causes of the increase could be in the palm of your hand.

These three suspects were captured on video in the Marshall Woods area.

— Juan Rodríguez (@_JuanRodriguez_) November 14, 2017

"People are leaving proximity keys in their cars and it won't allow them to lock their doors," Karr says.

It's a piece of advice for those like Kimbly.

"Take your keys and lock your doors, don't leave anything visible in your vehicle," Karr says.

"I hope everyone has a safe holiday and no one else gets burglarised," Kimbly says.

Sargent Karr tells 12News they will be placing bait vehicles during the holiday season to catch intruders in action.