Officials have now confirmed the mass shooting that took place inside of a Sutherland Springs church appears to be have been motivated by a family dispute.

KENS 5 is also learning more about the suspect, 26-year-old Devin Kelley. Kelley graduated from New Braunfels High School in 2009 and recently lost a security job at Schlitterbahn.

Authorities said the mother-in-law of the shooter had received a threatening text from Kelley prior to the shooting. She attended the church but was not believed to have been there yesterday.

There were reports that the shooter's most recent wife and grandmother were among those who may have been targeted at the church, but officials had not confirmed those details as of Monday at 5 p.m.

We know deputies in New Braunfels responded to a 911 call from her in 2014 where Kelley's wife claimed he was abusing her, although no one was arrested.

Authorities said Kelley bought four guns each year since 2014. Two were confirmed to have been purchased at Academy stores in San Antonio. Three of his guns were recovered Sunday following the shooting.

The former Airman was court-martialed in 2012 after being accused of beating his ex-wife and his stepson, fracturing the infant's skull. He spent a year in prison as a result.

Many questions loom about his dismissal from the military. But a CBS report released just after 5 p.m. may shed some light on how he was able to obtain a gun.

According to CBS, The United States Airforce admitted they did not submit Kelley's criminal history to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which is the system used to make sure that a prospective purchaser of firearms is eligible to do so.

We hope to find out more in the coming days.