PORT ARTHUR — Two years ago, 12News shared the story of Kimberly Pete, the Port Arthur woman that collects hygiene items and snacks, places them in donated purses, and puts them out on street poles for the homeless. Today, she's still putting out these items, and the good deed has lead to one generous donation.

Pete is now a senior in cosmetology school. Last week a classmate was doing a woman's hair sitting across from her when the woman asked Pete why she was getting her cosmetology license. Pete explained she actually doesn't want to work at a salon.

"I want to have a place where I can help the homeless, where they can come, you know, I can help them with ID and Social Security Cards and stuff like that, and then a certain time of day where they can come and eat, and then I want to have a time where I can teach them or get some volunteers to help me train them on how to do job interviews," said Pete.

Pete said the woman told her she had two properties in Port Arthur. She said the woman felt lead to give her one of the properties to continue doing good for those in need.

Pete's classmate Daren Kyle was doing the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous', hair. Kyles only known Pete for a couple of weeks now, but she said she can already see what an amazing woman she is. She said the woman's donation was a miracle.

"I've never seen a miracle like that happen right before my eyes so that was really cool and I'm happy for her, I hope she can really follow her dreams," said Kyle.

Pete is no stranger to being down on your luck, so she knows what it means to receive something from someone who cares.

"I was homeless before and I know how it feels, I know how it feels when someone comes and gives you something that you didn't ask for and you don't have to pay it back," said Pete.

Although she has a terminal illness and is living off of Supplemental Security Income, she puts everything she can into helping those in need. She continues to take donations, hygiene items, snacks, and coats to provide bags for the homeless.

Pete said the donations are always nice and greatly appreciated. She also passes out pens she turns into flowers for a small donation to go out and purchase more items to fill the bags.

While some may not understand why Pete so freely gives to the homeless, she said it's not her place to judge what may have put them in their situation. Pete said what they do with what she gives them is between them and God, but she feels good about what she's doing.

Pete isn't sure what's next now that she has the property, but she's confident God will provide.

"He didn't bring me this far for nothing, he's not going to have someone just give me property and leave me there, something's going to happen and I'm just believing in God for it," said Pete.

If you'd like to help Pete out or donate to her cause, you can find all of her information on her website.

She can also be reached via Facebook.