The last day of the South Texas State Fair started off with a collection of cans.

People from all over Southeast Texas brought bag after bag of the aluminum stuff for a free entrance and a wristband hook up Sunday.

“I didn’t know about it but seems like it works!” said James Davis.

Davis and his mother donated 18 cans which they collected throughout the week. “My sister is a Coke drinker. I don’t drink Coke, so she drank that many Cokes in three days! 18 Cokes in three days!” Anita Davis said.

The last day tradition not only benefits fair goers, but also for the members of Boys Haven who recycle the cans for funds with the help of the YMBL.

“The money goes into a special account for them where it will actually help them out with their specific outings and things they try do over the summer.” Said Scott Wilson, President of Boys Haven.

Last year, over 16,000 cans were collected outside the South Texas State Fair.

The YMBL tells 12News fair funds are also donated to other organizations in Southeast Texas.

“Just giving out to charities like CASA, Anayat House, Garth House, they request the money for assistance and our board approves and donates the money out.” Said Wayne Stockley with the YMBL.

YMBL members told 12News three quarters of a semi-tractor trailer full of cans was collected on Sunday.