Addison Fawcett is your typical 6-year-old girl from Groves. She loves to play outside and enjoy outdoors.

She does not let anything hold her back.

“When she was first born…we thought she had club foot.” Said Brian Fawcett, Addison’s father

It turned out Addison was diagnosed with Tibial Hemimelia, an extremely rare disease that manifests as a shortened leg with knee and ankle deformities.

At just 11-months-old, Addison’s left leg was amputated leaving her with a prosthetic.

“It was pretty easy decision really and our particular case it wasn’t a decision it was a quality of life.” Said Jamie Hollier, Addison’s mother.

Addison has to change her prosthetic leg every two years depending on her growth which can cost up to 15,000 dollars.

However, her parents, do not treat her condition any different. Instead, they chose a positive perspective only wanting to give her a life that would be as normal as possible.

At 4-years-old, Addison took her first gymnastics class.

“Her confident level is really high. So I think that has a lot to do with it and in sports and in life in general.” Said Fawcett.

Addison’s portfolio kept growing. She joined the Port Neches Softball League last year scoring homeruns and becoming a star on her team.

And from the baseball field, she took over the sidelines with her pom poms.

“If you told her she couldn’t do something, she could probably get upset about that because she’s one of those that wants to do it.” Said Becky Hebert.

Hebert is Addison’s P.E. teacher at Van Buren Elementary in Groves, where she puts her challenges to the test.

“She does well. She may fall, but it’s like she doesn’t even want me to acknowledge that she fell because before I can even turn around, she is back up again.” Hebert explained.

Addison is also a star student in the classroom. Her first grade teacher, Paige Tweekrem, says she loves to hit the books and walks into class with a smile on her face and a “bubbly” attitude.

“If anybody is struggling with anything, she helps them. She helps with anything cause she’s just so smart. She’s good at everything.” Tweekrem said.

Addison’s plans for the future? She told 12News she wants to be an artist and protect the streets as a police officer.

“They help people and stuff that people do bad and they get them.” Addison said.

Addison’s life is a lesson for all of us of never giving up and not letting obstacles get in the way of being bold and beautiful.