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6 dogs dead, 3 injured after kennel catches fire

District Chief Scott Wheat believes that an unattended chiminea is to blame for the fire.

BEAUMONT, Texas — A Beaumont pet owner is heartbroken after his dog, and several others died in a kennel fire.

Hi Tower Boarding Kennel caught fire last Thursday night, killing six dogs and injuring three.

Firefighters believe that an indoor chiminea, that was left unattended is to blame according to District Chief Scott Wheat.

"The owner tried to do a good thing,” said Wheat, "They installed a chiminea because it was cold at night, but the chiminea was not designed for the type of operation in an enclosed atmosphere.”

Wheat says that the fire was indeed an accident, but for one pet owner it’s unexplainable.

The man who lost his dog that day, Kelly Eddy, feels that kennels need more oversight.

His dog, King, had been apart of the Eddy family since 2019.

Eddy says that the fire not only claimed his dog’s life, but it also took any keepsake of him too.

“It wax a horrible way for him to go,” said Eddy.

Last Thursday, Eddy boarded King for the first time ever while he went out of town.

Later that night, Hi Tower Kennel went up in flames.

Eddy says that the kennel contacted him and let him know that there had been a fire and King, unfortunately, didn’t make it.

When Eddy asked if there was anything of King’s left, like a collar, the kennel responded that there was nothing left.

Several dogs were deceased, and a few were unaccounted for due to the size and scope of the fire, according to the fire report.

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