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12-year-old girl from Orange to audition for MasterChef Junior

Adison James began cooking at the age of four and got her inspiration from her father.

ORANGE, Texas — A sixth grader from Little Cypress Junior High will be taking her cooking skills to Houston this weekend to audition for "MasterChef Junior."

12- year-old Adison James believes she has what it takes.

The kitchen has become a second home for James, beginning to cook at the age of four.

James says "It's mostly been fun though getting to learn new recipes and getting to cook by myself now."

Her inspiration came from her dad, Daniel James, who was an executive chef for two years in Austin. 

He says passing on the plate to his daughter has been a memorable process.  

"To be able to share something your truly passionate about with your kids is an amazing experience and I think a lot of parents get to have that experience," says Daniel. "I don't know if every parent gets to experience that and then watching them take off with it."

When the James family found out that Houston would be one of the sites to host auditions for Season 8 of the show, the two submitted a video last week to the casting agents.

It took less than a week for members from "MasterChef Junior" to call. 

"I was bouncing off the walls, I'm telling you I was jumping up and down and pointing at her," says Daniel. "Trying not to make a sound in the phone."

"I was just like oh my god, this is actually happening," says Adison. "I was not expecting this but I kind of was and my brain was at a jumble at that point."

The show invited both of them to come to Houston Saturday morning before open calls begin.

With less than 48 hours until her audition, Adison is busy perfecting her craft by trying something new. 

She prepared a dish called "Tropical Chicken" while 12News was at her house.

It is the first time she ever made it, helping her prepare for what she will be showing judges.   

Daniel admits she may be a bit of an underdog, coming from a small town with a small kitchen.

But Adison tells us she feels right at home. 

"I don't feel like I'm at a disadvantage, I love working here and it's a lot less for me to get distracted with," says Adison. "I can focus my attention on all one area and It's easier because I know where everything is, I'm not lost in a big kitchen wondering which cabinet is which."

Her father says the key to her success is Adison's ability to learn quickly while also maintaining her love for the craft. 

"She can go from one failure to the next and never lose that spark," says Daniel. "I think that's what separates her from the competition."

Both Adison and Daniel plan to stay in a familiar setting and prepare the audition dish at home in Orange Saturday morning before heading west toward Houston.

If Adison gets selected to be on the show, she will be the first person from Southeast Texas to go. 

Daniels says "Look out world!"

MasterChef will be hosting four "open call" auditions for Season 8 in Houston, New York, Atlanta and L.A. from February 23 to March 16.

Season 7 will premiere on March 12 and will have four kids from the San Antonio area competing.  

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