DALLAS — A man accused of shoving a man into a DART train admitted he did it.

“I don't regret a thing," the suspect, Anthony Davis, said in a jailhouse interview with WFAA. "I don't regret a thing."

Davis admitted he punched the victim in a fit of anger.

"I hit him," Davis said. "I made sure I did what I did. I did that."

The victim was pinned under the train.

"I just seen him," Davis said. "He fell under the train. He fell harder than a gazelle under the train."

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Davis said he was high on marijuana when he did it and that he had also been drinking.

"It caused me to have that rage," Davis said of the drugs and alcohol.

Davis claimed he hit the victim because he saw him arguing with a female DART employee on the train just before they all got off at the station. 

"I didn’t like him arguing with the woman so I took precaution at the time," Davis said.

But police said it was the victim who stepped in to defend the DART employee as was confronted by Davis and some juveniles. 

Lonnie Smith watched the argument escalate.

“They talked to him, at first, then they wouldn’t let it go like he owed them something," Smith said.

Rescue workers had to use the Jaws of Life to get the victim free. He survived his injuries but had to be operated on and is still at Methodist Hospital.

Davis said he attacked the victim from behind, so the victim never knew what hit him.