ROBINSON, Texas — In Robinson, Texas, there's a dog with a habit of escaping.

Like the character from the Dukes of Hazard, his name is Cooter Brown.

"He looked like a bobble head," Nikki Salinas said.  "He was super skinny and he had his big head. I showed my husband and said, 'Babe, we have to get this dog.'"

Salinas and her husband, Anthony Salinas, adopted Cooter Brown from the Waco animal shelter about a year ago.

Then, on Monday, Feb. 11, he escaped through a gate in the backyard neither of them even knew about. It left the family heartbroken and frantically searching.

The family took to Facebook, and posted on the "Lost Pets of Robinson, Texas" page. That's where Nikki Salinas met Rickey Honey, who knew Cooter Brown as Boomer when Cooter was his grandmother's dog.

"We had an old gate that we didn't know about," Honey said.  "It was in the back and it was hidden by brush."

Honey said the dog is hard to miss, then he called its name.

"He wasn't there, so I walked around and I saw that the gate was open," he said.

That was a year ago, right before the Salinas family adopted Cooter.

Now, the families have bonded over a shared love for a dog who has an affinity for cheese and anything cheese-flavored.

"She wants to come see him," Honey said of his grandmother.  "And when she's well, that's exactly what she's going to do."

So, with two families to love him, Cooter Brown has everything he needs to live a happy life.

Both of those families have a message for that dog.

"Never scare me like that, again," they said.