From the street, this car wash may not look like anything special. But what’s happening here is kind of remarkable.

It’s called Bo Guard Detailing and it’s located in the 7800 block of Homestead in northeast Houston.

For the past 15 years or so, the owner, Dorothy Bickham, has been hiring homeless people.

"They are people, and I tell them when you get here, you're not homeless no more," Bickham said.

She figures at least 400 homeless people have come to her through the years looking for help. She pays them, feeds them and houses them, doing her best to help them get on their feet. They all call her "momma.”

But is she a saint in the city?

“Very much so. She’s a saint,” said L.C. Woodard, Jr., who works at Bo Guard Detailing.

"I feel blessed that she accepted me. She accepted me and she didn't have to," said Scott Sanders, another employee.

Bickham said she’s being guided by her faith and her own life experience. A long time ago, she was homeless, too.

"They're human, just like we are, and they need help, a second chance just like anybody else do," Bickham said.

She said she's had a lot of success stories, all by giving people that second chance.

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