BEAUMONT, Texas — Spring has sprung and our trees here in Southeast Texas are packed with pollen.

Dr. Russell Perry, an allergist at the Family Allergy and Asthma Center in Beaumont, says allergy season is here. This year Perry says it’s caught some by surprise.

"You see a lot of pollen on the cars and on the ground, but it's in the air too and you don't see it and you don't smell it, and you don't really feel it," Perry said.

The Houston Health Department has determined tree pollen to be the main culprit. The tree giving Southeast Texans the most trouble is the Oak.

It doesn't really matter whether you're talking about Live Oak, or Pin Oak, or Post Oak, it's all treated the same way. If you’re allergic to one Oak, you’re going to be allergic to all of them," Perry said.

For anyone that may be experiencing severe allergies, Perry says avoiding outdoor activities may help. Perry says you should take medications before symptoms worsen, and constantly wash your hands and clothes.

"If you spend some time outside, it's in your hair, it's on your clothes, it's on your skin and washing that off can go a long way," Perry said.