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'I’m thankful' | Mother, young daughter get vaccinated together, family to be fully protected by Christmas

Michele Mathias got her booster shot when her 5-year-old daughter got her first dose of Pfizer. Now, their whole family will be fully vaccinated for Christmas.

NORTH CAROLINA, USA — Michele Mathias has a number of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, including her family getting protected against COVID-19. 

Michele got her COVID-19 booster shot the same time her 5-year-old daughter got her first shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

"I got mine the same day Gretchen did and I think it helped her reassure her because I was getting my booster so she knew mom was getting one and dad got one so she knew we were all getting it!" said Michele.

Those who get their first dose of Pfizer by November 19 will have a shot at being fully vaccinated in time for Christmas. 

Michele said her daughter feels great after her first dose. 

"She did not have any side effects or anything from the shot," she said. 

Michele said she went to the clinic Novant Health has set up at Hanes Mall. 

"It was pretty easy to set up," she said, "They have stations. It was really easy. I love it. Quick, fast, convenient!"

Gretchen is set to get her second dose at the end of November. 

"I’m thankful for that because that way when we're around the grandparents there’s more immunity there and less that she can spread it," Michele said, "It’ll feel good because all the immediate family will be vaccinated so we’re all good."

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Christopher Ohl said even if you don't get a shot by today to be fully vaccinated in time for Christmas, it's never too late.

"Don’t let that hinder you. You should still go get vaccinated," he said, "Even if it's after today go ahead and do it. Some increase in immunity certainly close to the holidays."

Dr. Ohl said an increase in cases is expected after the holidays, but not as much as last year. 

"We're going to start to see more cases of covid but were also going to see some cases of flu, other respiratory viruses like RSV," he said. 

Michele said to help avoid cases going up, she encourages people to get in line for a shot to boost their immunity instead. 

"I would say it's more important to get it. The side effects you might have for a couple of days. I actually have an aunt who did have side effects from hers for like a day but she would rather have that then get the coronavirus and be sick for weeks," she said.