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Southeast Texas physician says the gloves you're wearing likely aren't helping

"Don't touch your face. Don't touch your eyes. Don't touch your mouth. And the easiest way is soap and water."

BEAUMONT, Texas — The CDC recommends you wear a mask when out in public. Some folks are even taking an extra step and wearing gloves too. But healthcare professional says it's probably not working like you hoped. 

Photos have circulated online of gloves littering grocery store parking lots, and being left in shopping carts. 

Doctor Gary Mennie is the chief medical officer at the Medical Center of Southeast Texas. 

"You're not benefiting from wearing gloves in my opinion," Mennie said. 

He says gloves are meant for healthcare workers who change them often. 

Not for picking up lemons in the produce aisle. 

"It's no different than being your hand. Just your hand is covered. Well the glove is now your hand. So you're cross contaminating just as if you had a bare hand,"

Dr. Mennie says the virus is spread by droplets you inhaled by either touching your face or not social distancing. 

The best way to kill it is with soap and water. 

"Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. That's what we keep saying. Don't touch your face. Don't touch your eyes. Don't touch your mouth. And the easiest way is soap and water. Soap with hot water."

The CDC agrees, only recommending the gloves for patient care. 

If you're not using them right, what's the point in using them at all. 

"The parking lots are full of gloves. And somebody's gotta go pick them up. So wearing gloves is not really helping." 

Besides washing your hands and social distancing, Dr. Mennie recommends wearing a mask in public. He says that's only if you cover your mouth and nose.  

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