TYLER, Texas — Scammers are not showing any signs of slowing down during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"We have seen a lot of impostor scams," Mechele Mills of the Better Business Bureau said. "People who are impersonating organizations that are trustworthy like the CDC the World Health Organization, things like that."

Scammers are using concerns over the coronavirus to pray on businesses and consumers.

"[We've heard of] phony, bogus cures, things like that and we just want people to remember the FDA has not approved any vaccines or treatments yet," Mills said. "All of those are still under clinical trials and being developed so be very watchful of those types of things."

Mills says many of those solicitations are coming through click bait, text messages or links through emails. The latest scam is through a text message asking people to send their personal information in order to expedite a stimulus check from the government. 

"That's just not the way it works," Mills said. "If it's going to work the way it has in the past, and it's the not the first time the government has done something like this, it will likely come from the IRS and they have all your information already because you pay your taxes so they have all the information they need, so likely it's going to come to that."

Mills says right now scammers are using fear tactics to prey on good people. 

"If you question anything, you can always go to the legitimate website that you're looking for, not through a text message or social media post or anything like that," Mills said. "Go directly to the website, you can call and say, 'Hey did you contact me and what do you need?'"

If you need more information from the Better Business Bureau, follow this link. 

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