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'Porch Portraits' | Southeast Texas photographers capturing photos of families during COVID-19 pandemic

"You have to practice social distancing and I think it’s hard for a lot of southerners to do that."

ORANGE, Texas — Two Southeast Texas photographers are making their way through neighborhoods in an effort to keep people smiling during this pandemic. Families in Orange are having their portraits taken right on their front porches. 

We're asked to keep our distance to prevent spreading COVID-19. But strangely enough, people are still finding ways to come closer together. 

Meghan Hammett started taking photos of her neighbors in Orange. 

"You have to practice social distancing and I think it’s hard for a lot of southerners to do that," Hammett said. 

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She started on Monday. 

"I’ve met a lot of people in my community that I didn’t know before," Hammett said. 

Lacey Hale is doing the same thing. 

"This is a way to be neighbors and help," Hale said. 

For the past few days, both photographers have been making their way around neighborhoods, capturing families having fun during this strange time. 

"I’m hoping that it’s something that people will appreciate, and I think they do from the comments and it makes me feel good to get to know my neighbors and to know that I’m helping in such a small small way," Hale said. 

The two have taken more than 300 photos combined. 

"Seeing all those smiling faces and all the different themes that they were doing it just, it brings me a lot of joy. It makes me really happy that I could do this," Hammett said. "To take these pictures so people can look back and go 'oh yeah, I remember when this happened' that’s really cool to do."

Hale will be taking pictures for one more evening, and Hammett plans to continue until Saturday.

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