BEAUMONT, Texas — The coronavirus pandemic has forced some healthcare workers to take matters into their own hands just to have the necessary protective gear. 

Shortages are inspiring grassroots efforts to get supplies to medical staff, and one woman in Kountze is joining the fight against coronavirus by using her sewing ability. 

"These people are putting their life's in  jeopardy for the rest of us, they don't have a choice but to be at work," Brittany Hinson said. 

Hinson is one of many people who have started sewing masks to make up for the lack of medical supplies.

She says she's made nearly a dozen, and knows the masks are part of something bigger than she is.

"While we're pretty much sitting at home, I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and utilize that time and harness it for something that can really be useful," Hinson said. "They deserve it, they're doing it for us so I feel like that's the least we can do for them," Hinson said.

Beaumont anesthesiologist Dr. Ray Callas is one healthcare provider who's pleading for the help of people like Hinson to get essential supplies to area doctors. 

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"Anything the public can do to bring these masks, bring these gowns, bring these gloves to us," Callas said. "Every physicians office, every pediatrician office, every healthcare facility, every small urgent care clinic, we're in dire need."

As more grassroots efforts pop up across the country, Dr. Callas says it's best to call medical facilities before starting to sew.

"You're going to go a long way in helping us long way in helping us get this back to normal," Callas said. "Pick up a phone and call a doctor's office, call a pediatrician, call an OBGYN clinic and say hey I'm just trying to help out."

Callas said if you would like to drop off medical supplies, you can take donations to Kare Infusion Center at 6755 Phelan Blvd #46 in Beaumont. He will distribute those supplies across the region.

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