If you've had concerns about whether tap water remains safe to drink amid the coronavirus pandemic, local water treatment workers say, "it's perfectly safe."

Employees at Moline's water treatment plant said they use filtration systems, chlorine and ultraviolet light to disinfect tap water every day.   

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, COVID-19 has not been detected in drinking water supplies. Current evidence shows that there is a low risk to water supplies.

"Americans can continue to use and drink from their tap as usual," said a statement from the EPA.

Find answers to frequently asked questions from the EPA, here.

Moline Utilities Manager Tony Loete said there's no need to stock up on plastic water bottles from the store.

"If the sole purpose of our consumers was to go to the grocery to pick up bottled water then that's unnecessary," said Loete. "They can use water from the tap to make coffee, brush their teeth. They're using that water to shower. Tap water is perfectly safe."

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Over at Iowa American Water, leaders say their water also remains up to code on federal and state drinking water requirements.

Lisa Reisen, Iowa American Water's manager of external affairs, says the utility uses treatments like filtration and disinfection which provide protection

"These treatments are effective in removing and/or inactivating viruses," said Reisen in a statement.