SILSBEE, Texas — As Texas continues to gradually reopen, business owners everywhere will tell you things have changed. 

Starting on Friday, bars can reopen.

Things will be different for a while, but bar owners say it's worth it. 

They say some of the guidelines are more difficult than others.

Honky Tonk Texas in Silsbee is getting ready to open the doors, but things are going to look a little different. Before anyone can come in, there will be a hand sanitizer station outside the door. 

Everyone will be required to go through the station. Derek Billingsley, the owner, says the hardest adjustment will be enforcing social distancing. 

"It's gonna be very hard to adjust," Billingsley said. "The reason being because, there's no such thing as one size fits all. It's hard to compare a twelve thousand square foot dance hall that holds 700 people to a local pub that holds seventy."

Bars opening on May 22 can only operate at 25% capacity. At the Honky Tonk, that's about 120 people. 

Dancing is discouraged, but still allowed. Billingsley said it'll be hard to enforce distancing. 

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"It's almost impossible. It's like saying you're gonna enforce social distancing at Walmart or Lowe's," Billingsley said. 

He's hoping people will be responsible enough on their own and follow the rules.

"It's really hard, all you can do is ask and that's pretty much it," Billingsley said. 

People aren't allowed to order or sit at the bar either. Seated parties should have no more than 6 at each table.

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"Those are some of the things that we've put in place this weekend, and we'll give it this weekend, see how it goes, and if we need to make any other adjustments we'll do that accordingly," Billingsley said. 

Even with all the rules, he says reopening with the new norm is worth it.

"What I'm most excited about is probably seeing my customers. You know, when you're in this industry, you form a great relationship with everyone. So, really it's about seeing people and being able to talk and visit with everyone," Billingsley said.

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