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Beaumont woman says wait time for COVID19 test results is unacceptable

She tested positive for the flu, but says her cough and shortness of breath wouldn't go away. She could be waiting another 8 days to find out if she has COVID19

BEAUMONT, Texas — One Beaumont woman is anxiously waiting to find out if the symptoms she's been battling stem from a positive case of COVID19, and says the wait time for test results is unacceptable.  

Shannon Bounds told 12News she tested positive for the flu on March 4. She self-quarantined, but her symptoms persisted. 

She had a cough that wouldn't go away and difficulty breathing.

Bounds said she was tested on March 17, and still doesn't have her results. She's sharing her story because she says something needs to be done to curb these long wait times. 

The sample was sent to Quest Diagnostics. Her results still aren't back yet, and she continues to call asking for results. 

"They informed me my results still weren't in, and now it could be up to 8 days because they are just so overwhelmed. It is very frustrating. It is making me anxious. Stressed on top of how I already felt," Bounds said. 

12News reached out to Quest Diagnostics and hasn't heard back yet. 

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A quick Google search showed some news outlets reporting about people waiting for coronavirus test results from Quest Diagnostics. In a statement to one TV station, a Quest Diagnostics lab spokesperson said turn around time can be three or four days, but that time can be impacted by the demand.