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Cancer screenings have decreased within the last year

The lack of cancer screenings have caused more people to be diagnosed with more severe illnesses.

TEXAS, USA — Screenings for cancers such as cervical, colorectal, lung and breast have decreased because of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing an increase in cancer diagnoses.

Cancer.gov said experts warn delays in screening could mean the “missed” cancers might be larger and more advanced when they are ultimately detected. In general, cancers are easier to treat in their early stages.

American Cancer Society statistics show the organization saw screening rates decrease by nearly 90% for breast, cervical, colorectal and lung cancer.

American Cancer Society Regional Director of Integrated Marketing David Kolovson said it’s essential to get screened to avoid a fatal cancer case in the future. 

"The American Cancer Society has seen a pretty precipitous drop in cancer screening rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to really make sure that everyone who missed a screening appointment last year is getting screened because unfortunately it could lead to an increase in people getting later stage cancers and what that means is more people are going to die from the disease." Kolovson said. 

Allison Schickel created something for women with breast cancer who still want to feel like a beautiful woman who is recovering from cancer.

The Brobe is a bra and robe combination designed specifically for women going through a mastectomy, breast reconstruction or breast augmentation. It's also beneficial to those recovering from organ transplants, open heart surgery and tummy tucks. 

“I felt like these manufacturers who were creating these products that were overpriced, really kind of bland in color. Everything we have is all of our recovery products are modern, they're really well made. I just wanted to be able to give women that feeling of giving them their power back,” Schickel said.

Kolovson said the most important thing is to start the conversation and that's what ACS is trying to get people to do this year. Being proactive about your health and making sure you're going and talking to your doctor and setting up your screening appointments is really important.

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