Two former employees at the Church's Chicken in Livingston, Texas are suing the fried chicken fast food chain after they nearly died from burns suffered in a work-related accident.

Hugolina Guerrero de Garzon and Joselin Damian Gonzalez claim they suffered "catastrophic life-threatening burns" to more than 75 percent of their bodies when the restaurant floor collapsed beneath them and caused deep fryers to fall on top of them, spilling hot oil on their bodies.

Both plaintiffs were airlifted to a burn intensive care unit, where their lawyers say they stayed for months. The pair have undergone multiple surgeries in the last six months and need daily medical treatment, with more expected in the future, their attorneys said.

"This is the worst case I have ever seen, with absolutely horrifying life-long injuries," attorney Benny Agosto, Jr. said in a statement.

The lawsuit was filed in Harris County against the owners, operators and managers of Church's Chicken. The lawsuit claims the groups running Church's Chicken failed to maintain a safe work environment for the workers by not properly inspecting and maintaining the workplace, as well as not addressing a "known dangerous condition."

The former employees are seeking $150 million in damages.