A South Austin woman working three jobs to make extra money for Christmas gifts had all of her packages stolen off her porch this week, she said.

It happened Tuesday at an apartment complex off South Lamar. Madison Rush was at work when she got a notification from Amazon that her packages had been delivered. There was even a photo showing the boxes in addition to boxes from several other stores that had all arrived around the same time.

Rush was at work in Bee Cave so she sent her boyfriend to pick up the boxes. When he arrived within an hour of their delivery, the packages were gone.

"Electronics, clothing, shoes. A really bougee electric razor for my brother,” Rush described the gifts. "I'm sure somebody saw my front porch with all the boxes on it and they're like, 'yeah, Christmas stuff. I'm gonna steal it.'"

She notified the stores and her apartment complex management immediately. She said Amazon is working to replace the stolen gifts but the other stores are more difficult to get a hold of.

"You've got to do an investigation and that's going to take a month and they're not going to send you those items, they'll send you your money back," she said.

While her family is understanding that they won't be getting gifts on time, Rush has a message for the Grinch who stole her boxes.

"I'm working three jobs to make a bunch of extra money to buy all these gifts for my family and then some bum just up and takes $500 worth of gifts. It's just absurd,” she said. “If you went through all that trouble, I hope you're clean-shaved for the rest of the year.”