The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office has inked a deal to bring the crime reality show C.O.P.S. to San Antonio. It's a move that could help recruit more crime fighters to his department.

“It’s one of the original reality shows,” said Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, adding that watching shows like this helped inspire him to join law enforcement.

So now, the gritty, raw, behind-the-scenes reality show C.O.P.S. is about to hit the streets of Bexar County.

“It will allow us to highlight the work of our deputies,” he noted.

Camera crews will be riding along with deputies and recording them in action as they make arrests. Sheriff Salazar says that the deal has been in the making ever since he worked as a public information officer at the San Antonio Police Department. Now that he's sheriff, it’s coming to fruition.

But he says it’s not about glamorizing crime in the Alamo City. He says it’s about being transparent to viewers and hopefully recruiting more deputies to his team.

“Recruiting efforts, according to the production company Langley, has shown statistics where other departments that have been featured saw a boom to their recruiting numbers,” he explained. “It won’t cost us anything, but additionally it won’t make us anything. We will see benefits in recruiting numbers.”

But does San Antonio have enough crime to capture an audience?

“We have a lot of action,” Sheriff Salazar said. "They will be shooting from late September to late November.”

Sheriff Salazar says that there’s no exact date yet on when it will air. So stay tuned.