SAN ANTONIO — An East Central ISD teacher has resigned following an "unfortunate incident" involving a student being sent to the nurse's office on the second day of school. 

According to a representative from the district, Scott Crippen, a fifth-grade teacher with the district, encountered a behavioral issue with one of his students. 

The student wasn't following directions, so Crippen tried to redirect the student. At one point, the teacher grabbed hold of the student's backpack, and the student pulled away, resulting in a physical incident over the backpack that caused the student to fall to the ground. 

The student was checked out by a school nurse but was not taken to the hospital. 

Crippen submitted his resignation to the district this morning. 

A spokesman with the district told KENS 5 that the form of redirection used by Crippen is "not at all what we encourage." 

"There are so many more positive ways to redirect a child, obviously, which is why that teacher is not with our district anymore."

Crippen has worked as a teacher in various districts including NEISD, Judson ISD, and McAllen ISD.