BRIDGE CITY, Texas — Bridge City ISD says it has completed an investigation into claims made on social media about a student who was allegedly assaulted in a homophobic attack at Bridge City Middle School. 

The school district says the 'allegations are unquestionably and completely false.' The social media post was circulated on April 15.

From a Bridge City ISD news release: 

Bridge City ISD has concluded its investigation regarding the serious allegations a third-party made in an April 15 social media post. The allegations are unquestionably and completely false.

The use of social media for making false allegations such as these cause harm to students, staff and our District. Bridge City ISD urges thoughtful consideration prior to posting information that may violate the rights and privacy of students and staff. We ask parents to contact their campus administration or other appropriate District employees to discuss concerns regarding their child. In this way, we may appropriately and timely investigate and respond to the concerns for the safety and well-being of our students.