BEAUMONT, Texas — Beaumont ISD has almost 200 vacancies listed on their website and wants to fill them.

A spokesperson with the district says they expect to hire between 100 and 150 teachers for the upcoming school year. 

On June 11, Governor Greg Abbot signed House Bill 3, which includes a 6.5 billion to improve public education and increase teachers' pay across the state.

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Recently, the district announced a five to eight percent salary increase for teachers depending on years of experience. First year teachers with the district would make nearly $49,000 dollars.

"All teachers should be paid over $100,000, if we could but we're just not in the financial state to do that," executive director of human resources for BISD, Derwin Samuels Jr., said. "We're going to get teachers, the new teachers, the support they need, we're going to make sure that there are programs for our experienced teachers to receive supplemental pay."

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He thinks the starting salary of nearly $49,000 a year should help them to attract prospective teachers. Samuels says the district typically recruits in Texas and Louisiana, but this year decided to recruit teachers in Mississippi, where the salary is less than what Beaumont ISD offers.
"The goal is to really increase our talent pipeline by building relationships with universities in and out of the state," Samuels said.

If you would like to apply for a job with BISD you can visit their website.