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‘It was horrifying’ | 11-year-old beaten at Texas school, family calls for accountability after seeing video online

Trigger warning: the video may be disturbing to watch. The boy suffered a concussion after the attack at a school in Carrizo Springs.

CARRIZO SPRINGS, Texas — Carrizo Springs CISD is investigating a violent attack on a student this week. The incident was captured on video and the victim’s family says it was posted on social media.

“It was horrifying,” said Jessica Garcia. “I cried so much.”

Garcia says she was called to Carrizo Springs Intermediate School early Monday morning.

“And they just told me that there was a fight,” said Garcia. “They couldn't tell me who it was or give me any names. I was told my son was in the nurse’s office and that the officer at the school was going to take a statement. When I saw my son, his face was starting to swell. They gave him an icepack for his wrist. I said I was going to take my son the hospital and I would be back. His left wrist was sprained from where he tried to protect his face. There’s no fracture or broken bones, but the doctors think he had a concussion.”

That same night, Garcia says her daughter showed her the video on TikTok. In it, you can see Garcia’s son eating breakfast when a student approaches him from behind. 

The conversation is inaudible, but within moments, the student can be seen lifting Garcia’s son out of his seat and throwing him on the ground. The student then punches Garcia’s son repeatedly. At least one student can be heard yelling, “Choke him!” About 30 seconds later, an adult who appears to be a cafeteria worker, rushes over. She yells, "Stop! Stop!" and flags someone over.

Garcia believes the attack was planned by at least two students, including the aggressor. 

“There was no faculty, there was no teacher, no one was around them,” said Garcia. “The lunch lady had to leave her post to stop the fight. Where were the teachers that were supposed to be watching the kids?”

Garcia says she showed the video to the principal, along with the school’s “no tolerance” policy, and asked for an investigation.

According to the Carrizo Springs CISD website, bullying and fighting are prohibited. So is releasing material of a minor without consent. These behaviors can result in removal from class, removal from transportation, in-school suspension, and out-of-school suspension. Aggravated assault can lead to expulsion.

“I expect them to punish these kids,” said Garcia. “And I expect for the safety of the children at the school to be way better than it is. They need to hire more teachers’ aids, or whoever it is that helps in the mornings. They need more security guards. Something needs to change! My son said he was afraid and didn’t want to go back to school.”

Wednesday night, legal counsel for Carrizo Springs CISD released the following statement:

“On behalf of our client, the Carrizo Springs Consolidated Independent School District (“District”), this letter is a response to your request for a statement regarding a student-related incident at Carrizo Springs Intermediate School. The incident took place in the cafeteria, while students were having breakfast. During this time, students are regularly supervised by an administrator, an officer, teachers, and cafeteria staff. On the date and time at issue, an administrator, an officer, and three teachers were supervising the cafeteria, along with the cafeteria staff. The students were not unsupervised. In accordance with District policy, there is an ongoing investigation into the matter and the investigation is being conducted pursuant to applicable District policy, state law, and federal law. 

We understand the public’s interest in this matter and are committed to being as transparent as possible, however the District is obligated to respect the privacy and legal rights of the students that are involved. As such, we are unable to comment any further regarding the investigation or any disciplinary action, because the District shall not divulge student records to the public. 

Please note that our priority is the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. The District will continue to act in accordance with District policy, state law, and federal law.”

Garcia tells us her son has not been back to school since the assault. Depending on what comes of the investigation, Garcia says she’s prepared to seek other education options.

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