High school students at Deweyville High School feel reunited after the school board amends the prom dress code.

By a vote of 5-2 Deweyville I.S.D. trustees voted to change the prom dress code Monday night. The district was met with opposition at the board meeting once the issue came up for discussion. This came after a heartfelt speech by Junior Co-Class President Talon Shoemake. Shoemake told trustees he meant no disrespect to administration or faculty, but was sticking up for the student body. The previous dress code required a three teacher panel to approve dresses for prom.

The old policy prohibited things like cleavage or see through material on dresses. Students eventually scheduled an anti-prom after many girls were told their dresses did not meet the dress code for the prom.

The new dress code requires girls to wear formal dresses. The only stipulations are that no undergarments may be visible and no private parts may be visible.

Since an anti-prom was already fully funded, parents and students are working to combine both the high school prom and the anti-prom .Both are scheduled for Saturday.