A tip and a joint-investigation by Newton and Jasper County deputies resulted in the arrest of one suspect and the recovery of multiple guns.

From the Newton County Sheriff's Office...

The Newton County Sheriff's Office received information of someone possibility selling stolen guns.

Officers with the Sheriff's Office located the transaction taking place. The guns were not listed as stolen at that time.

The people with the guns did not know who's guns they were or where they came from. The officers seized the four weapons until the owners could be located.

The Jasper County Sheriff's Office, through regular communication advised the Newton Sheriff's Office about a burglary that occurred earlier that morning where 14 guns had been stolen.

The owner identified the four weapons that Newton Sheriff's Office recovered as their guns.

After a joint investigation by the Newton and Jasper Sheriff's Office, one subject has been arrested and 11 stolen weapons recovered, 2 of which were reported stolen from Jefferson County, more arrest are expected.