PORT NECHES, Texas — A Port Neches woman is upset after her angel statue was stolen from her front porch.

"I just feel like I am lost without her," said Mrs. Pearl.

The stolen statue is one of many angel figurines she has around her home.

She said the angel that was stolen holds a special place in her heart and that it looked out for her.

"When I got back from evacuating from Hurricane Rita, my house was tore up some. My trees were down everywhere but she was not touched. She was still standing. That is when I knew I had a real guardian angel."

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Mrs. Pearl spoke up after seeing 12News' story a last week. 

A thief was caught on camera in a video that appeared to show a man taking a concrete angel from a Beaumont family's front porch in the city's north end. 

She is now questioning if the two are related.

"I thought, oh my goodness there is actually someone out there stealing angels," said Mrs. Pearl.

The angel looks similar to one she has inside her home. 

Look a like to stolen statue

She said the one stolen from the porch had wings that wrap around the body of the figurine. She also said the statue is about one and a half feet tall. 

"I would love to have her back. Whoever took her just bring her back to me."

Mrs. Pearl did not file a police report. She hopes the person or people responsible will just bring her statue back.