Cherie Lindsey and her husband love cruises. Their most recent one was just last week. Everything was going well until Lindsey said something happened at an ATM onboard the Carnival ship.

“I went to go put my bank card in the machine. I was going to get a little money out. Well, the machine wasn't processing and my card wouldn't come out. So I walked around the corner, I went to get someone, and when I came back, my card was gone,” Lindsey recalled.

Lindsey said that she called the credit card company twice to report a lost card but both calls dropped. Assuming she passed along enough information, Lindsey said that she thought a hold was put on her card.

However, a few days later, two charges popped up. One charge for $1,485 and another charge for $750. Both paid for a funeral.

“I just was surprised. I thought, 'Okay, they needed to pay for a funeral. But they did it with my card,” Lindsey said.

Looking for answers, Lindsey’s daughter called a funeral home in Houston that accepted the credit card by phone.

“[The owner] said she was on the phone with the bank, she’d call me right back, the charges are going to be reversed, never heard back from her,” said Alicia Bracey, Lindsey's daughter.

The owner of the funeral home declined to do an on-camera interview with KENS 5 sister station KHOU in Houston, but the owner confirmed that they took the payment over the phone and the funeral already happened. The owner said she felt like a victim too and is now apologizing and promising to reverse the charges.

From this point, Lindsey and her daughter will keep pushing to find the person who actually has the credit card.

“I want to find out who did it so Carnival cannot let that person on their boat again,” Lindsey said.

Carnival Cruise Line did issue a statement saying:

"We are very sorry to hear about Ms. Lindsey's situation. We strive to maintain the ATMs on our ships in good working order and to support our guests with any issues they may experience."

The company also said that it will further investigate. The Houston Police Department says that it has also opened an investigation into the incident.