An armed man who was the subject of a mental health warrant held deputies at bay for more than three hours Wednesday at a home in the west end of Beaumont.

Deputies took the 31-year-old Beaumont man into custody without injury or any shots being fired at about 3 p.m. before transporting him to a local mental health facility according to a sheriff's office spokesperson.

Neighbors living in the West end neighborhood were concerned with the situation.

Adam Kibodeaux has lived in the area for two years and says it's a quiet area.

"You can't ever tell when one of these things happens. Everybody has their days and you don't know when or where, but it's good to know that the law enforcement here is well trained and on top of the situation," Kibodeaux said.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office SWAT was called after the man barricaded himself in a bedroom when deputies arrived to serve a mental health warrant in the 1900 block of Edson.

When the man answered the door at about 11:45 a.m. Wednesday and he saw deputies he grabbed a rifle and retreated into a bedroom in the home according to a sheriff's office spokesperson.

Deputies were able to make contact and speak to him from outside the home through a window during the time that he refused to come out.

The standoff caused Regina Howell Elementary School to temporarily shut down due to its close proximity to the incident, although they were never in danger.

Kibodeaux has a daughter in first grade at Howell and says he was confident the school handled the lockdown.

"My wife was at the school this morning, it's very secure there and they take their security measures very seriously," Kibodeaux said.

The intersections of Regina at Edson and Thomas were shut down as well as several streets feeding Edson due to the incident according to the spokesperson.

The incident was several blocks from Regina Howell Elementary but deputies say the school, which was put on lockdown as a precaution, was not in any danger.

The campus was to remain on lock-down until cleared by the sheriff's office according to the school district