BEAUMONT — A multi-million dollar lawsuit is finally resolved more than two years after a contract worker died at Exxon Mobil's Beaumont refinery.

Today a Jefferson County jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff's family.

Miguel Barron, a worker from Brownsville, died in May of 2016 while working with his brothers at the downtown plant.

A piece of pipe fell on his head, killing him. His family sued Exxon Mobil, B&G Crane Service, Inc. and engineering company called AltairStrickland.

12News has learned Exxon Mobil and the engineering company reached confidential settlements before trial.

B&G Crane Service, Inc. went to trial and today a jury ordered them to pay the family close to 20 million dollars.

Court documents are sealed, so we'll likely never know how much Exxon Mobil or AltairStrickland paid the family.

The family's attorney, Byron Alfred, tells 12News "We are proud to represent the Barron family, and we hope this verdict sends a message to Jefferson County industrial plants about the need for safer work practices."