JASPER — A man has been charged with capital murder after his grandmother died from injuries caused by a fire he is accused of starting.

Cedric Ramon McGill, Jr. has been charged with capital murder for starting the June 4 fire that killed his grandmother, Bertha Marie McGill, 68.

Jasper firefighters and police officers responded to the fire in the 210 block of Othello Street at about 3 p.m. after a neighbor reported the fire, according to a release from the Jasper Police Department.

The neighbor who reported the fire told firefighters that the homeowner, Bertha McGill, who uses a wheelchair, was still inside the home.

Firefighters were able to quickly locate McGill and get her out of the home the release said.

Lt. Brian Merwin of the Jasper Fire Department rescued McGill from the home.

Lt. Merwin says that he entered the front door and located Bertha Mcgill in her living room. He said she was unconscious in her wheelchair when he picked her up and carried her into the front yard.

McGill suffered smoke inhalation during the fire and was transported to the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

She died at the hospital 11 days after the fire.

He is also charged with arson causing bodily injury with a bond of $25,000 and Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle with a bond set at $6,000.

Cedric's bond has been raised by $1 million because of the capital murder charge.