A fake fire marshal who drove a fire truck and made calls with first responders in the aftermath of Harvey has been indicted.

David Roy Matthews, Jr., 33, of Spring, who used a fake ID and badge to convince other first responders he was a fire marshal was indicted this week for impersonating a public servant.

Texas Department of Public Saftey Trooper Dedrick Wimberly said he was at Jefferson County Fire Station #1 near Labelle when he met Matthews according to the indictment.

Matthews, who claimed to be stranded because of the storm, identified himself as a peace officer, fire marshal and fireman the affidavit said.

He responded to several calls with local first responders and operated fire trucks and other vehicles while at the fire station.

He was wearing a Texas peace officer badge and claimed to work for the Precinct Four Harris County Constable's office.

Matthews also claimed he was the fire marshal for the Harris County Fire Department's Station #10.

DPS Trooper Wimberly called the DPS Fusion Center who found that Matthews had previously been arrested in Louisiana for impersonating a police officer.

Trooper Wimberly then arrested Matthews and took him to the Jefferson County Correctional Center.