BEAUMONT, Texas — A Beaumont man is facing a first degree felony charge after investigators say he was forced out of a car he was stealing before being hit by another vehicle. 

Court documents say Dashawn Cordell Brown was indicted for aggravated robbery on Feb. 12. Investigators say he jumped into a car where a man was waiting with his girlfriend's daughters for her to come out of the store. 

The victim said he dozed off while sitting in the backseat of the car outside Market Basket on North 11th Street, and woke up when he heard the suspect getting into the driver's seat. The documents say Brown was heard saying "I'm taking this car." 

Brown allegedly had a knife, and the victim told investigators he received knife wounds as he struggled to get the suspect out of the car. 

Police said he was finally able to get the man out of the car. Witnesses followed the suspect and saw him get hit by a car after he entered the street according to the indictment documents. 

The alleged crime happened on Jan. 15. 

Dashawn Brown
Dashawn Brown

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