BEAUMONT, Texas — It was a troubling discovery for Amado Compean.

"Getting here and seeing the truck gone, it's like is someone playing a joke on me," Compean said.

That joke was no laughing matter for the construction worker, who parks his truck at the Holiday Inn on Walden Road everyday. From there, he carpools to work.

"Once you realize someone actually stole your truck that you use as your work truck with your tools that you support your family with and it's gone. That's not a good feeling," Compean said.

The entire thing was caught on camera.

"I pretty much got to start over with a new box and new tools. Tools are not cheap either," Compean said.

The parking lot has seen trouble all year. Many construction workers park there and then commute to work. The Beaumont Police Department says this year about four vehicles have been stolen from the area, and several others have been burglarized.

It's an especially sad situation when it's the helpers, who need the help.

"Hopefully if they keep my truck and my tool box they can get a job so they don't have to steal trucks and tool boxes again," Compean said.