GROVES, Texas — Groves Police are investigating some monkey-business in the form of a burglar who stole from a home wearing a gorilla suit on Tuesday.

Video of the burglary in the 3300 block of Canal Avenue was caught on a home security system according to the Groves Police Department.

In the video a person in a gorilla suit climbs through a window in a screened porch after cutting through the screen and approaches a refrigerator with the camera atop it.

The person is wearing a backpack which they remove as they duck down in front of the refrigerator.

""Every time before I leave my house I walk around and plead the blood of Jesus upon it and protect it and everything. But still them enemies still keep coming. It's just the nature of the world I guess," Groves homeowner Bob Frederick said.

At the time of the break-in there was nobody at home.Once out of view the camera they appear to open the refrigerator and then a few seconds later leave the porch as they put the backpack back on.

Police say that the same home was burglarized last year by a person wearing a motorcycle helmet covering their face.

Gorilla suit burglar