HOUSTON – Police are investigating how a man was hit twice by bullets flying through a home during a family's Christmas party overnight.

According to the Houston Police Department, the incident happened just after midnight early Monday at a home in the 8600 block of Reamer near South Gessner.

Police said a family was gathering to exchange gifts for Christmas when bullets came through the back door, striking a male relative in the back and neck.

"I didn't think Christmas was going to be like this,” said Seyda Bonilla who was there and watched her brother-in-law get shot.

Dimas Calderon, 28, was transported to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

There was fireworks going off outside, so no one heard gunfire, police said.

KHOU 11 spoke with neighbors who live in the surrounding houses. They say they heard the 'pops' but are not sure if they were gunshots or the fireworks that were going off on Christmas Eve.

"We couldn't sleep because we were just thinking they might come back,” said Calderon's sister-in-law Jessica Orellana.

At this time, police do not know where it came from. Police said there is a chance it might be a stray bullet from celebratory gun fire. Police said they have no reason to believe anyone was in the back yard or able to shoot toward the back yard intentionally.

"Christmas is a holiday where you should be with your family and have a good time, it's an unforgettable night," said Bonilla. "You're sharing happiness, you're opening your presents and out of nowhere, for something like this to happen. I've never seen it I've never heard of it.”

Calderon was released from the hospital Monday morning and is expected to recover. He says he is in a lot of pain.