VIDOR, Texas — An 23-year-old Orange County woman caught shoplifting at a Vidor store went from facing misdemeanor charges to felony charges after biting a store employee.

Cheyenne Kaye Buxton, who was arrested after running from the Dollar Tree on Main Street, also faces a drug possession charge after jailers found  drugs and a needle in her vagina when she was being booked into the Orange County Jail on robbery charges.

Employees had locked the front doors to keep new customers from entering as the store was closing and Buxton claimed she need to get money from her car according to Vidor Police.

A woman working security for the store had noticed Buxton had items she hadn’t paid for and would not let her leave the store.

Buxton then bit the employee, forced the keys from her hands and then ran from the store.

Once she bit the employee her charge was escalated from misdemeanor theft to robbery which is a felony according to Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll.

A nearby Vidor Police officer saw her run form the store and was able to catch her behind bank not far from the store police said.

Buxton is being held on a $25,000 bond on the robbery charge and a $500 drug possession charge in the Orange County Jail.

Cheyene Buxton, 23
Orange County Sheriff's Office

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