A Pasadena woman was heartbroken to learn her young niece was among the victims gunned down in the Sutherland Springs church shooting.

Fourteen-year-old Annabelle Pomeroy was the daughter of church pastor Frank Pomeroy and his wife Sherri.

"She's just a beautiful child, it's a shame this happened to her," said Chris Newman, Annabelle’s aunt. "I couldn't believe it, I said, ‘Such a small town, you know, why?’"

Newman said Annabelle was adopted by her parents when she was a baby.

Their lives centered around the church.

"The church meant the world to them," Newman said.

Frank and Sherri were out of town when the shooting happened, but Annabelle still went to church.

"I'm truly sorry for this happening to her and them, and the family, I can only imagine how they feel right now,” Newman said.

Now, like the rest of the world, Newman is struggling to understand how someone could do something so horrific.